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Today we're launching our first series of monthly tips brought to you by your favourite nutritionists !!

In the month of October, we bring you a heartwarming message from one of our biggest supports, Mia Lahoud!!


Growing up, I always took the concept of ‘health’ to extremes. Back in the day, I was a chubby kid who struggled to find balance in building a healthy, unrestricted mindset around food.


I would find myself cycling between long periods of restrictive dieting with loads of cardio followed by relapse phases of uncontrollable cravings. I was never satisfied with how I looked, I tried every quick fix out there and nothing made me feel “accepted” or “enough” to fit society’s beauty standards.


Avoiding comparing yourself to the “healthy “aesthetic that social media shows us can be tough. Overtime, you will learn that health looks different for everyone and is basically finding a lifestyle that works for you and empowers you instead of drains you.


It’s also realizing that ALL food groups fit in moderation - There is no need to cut out from your diet. Some foods are good for the body yet others nourish the soul. It’s understanding that moving your body is not a punishment for last night’s indulgences but a privilege, providing you with improved mental health, better energy, more confidence and comfort in your own skin.


And that is why I urge you to change your “WHY” aspect – To divert your goals from eating LESS and training to conform to a specific body shape to including more nutritious & natural foods and exercising to build lifelong sustainable eating habits.


It’s not easy, the journey is long and full of challenges, but it’s worth it, I promise.

Sincerely Yours, 

Mia Lahoud 


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